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Our range of retail partners is growing daily. Show your support for your club by shopping on their club retailer page and we’ll pay a portion of every transaction to them directly. Super simple fundraising.

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No sign up needed. Just visit your club retail page and show your support by shopping with our range of online retail partners. A portion of each transaction is paid right into the bank account of the clubs you support.

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Online Shopping: Shop through your fan dashboard using your linked Visa or Mastercard to pay.

Instore Shopping: Use your linked Visa or Mastercard to shop with any of our growing number of partners.

How it works for clubs: If you’re new to the platform then start by searching for your club using the search box at the top of the page. Simply find and activate your club - or register a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Life on the bleeding edge of tech means we’re always discovering new things.
Here are some of the questions which come up a lot. For a full FAQ & support click here.

Your debit card number is used once to create a link with mastercard and visa which allows us to capture transactions with retailers.  Your card details are not stored once linked.

No. We don’t have any access to your bank details.  An exception is with clubs where we will pay into your bank account.

We don’t store your card details so they’re never vulnerable. Alongside that we protect your account with SSL encryption and regular penetration testing.

Yes. You can register a new club using the register link at the top of every page.

When using ‘everyday’ online partners you can only support a single club.  For registered fans who have added card linking they can support up to three clubs.

We add new retailer partners frequently.  Often they are batched so this might appear on the platform every couple of weeks.

We work with a technical partner who is a visa and mastercard partner. This technology allows us to create an ID for each card and when it’s used with a retailer linked to our system VISA and Mastercard report this to us.

Oh boy. Yes there are.  This is why it’s worth linking your card because we have regular prize draws for fans who do.  We have some big plans around this.

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Wondering if you can join? If you are a club of any kind then the answer is probably yes.
Here’s a snapshot of some of our newest clubs. Is it time to join them?