Fundraise the right way

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Get in the know of all things fundraising during uncertain times. Whether you are looking for small or big ideas to raise funds for your club, start your next step to how to generate funds for your sports club here.

It’s become clear to us how harsh an impact coronavirus has had on sports clubs; therefore we have put together some ways you can fundraise without breaking social distancing rules.

Fundraising ideas to help your sports club generate funds during a pandemic.

Walk/Run/Bike-a-Thon ask your club who wants to participate in collectively running up 50km (or a goal that suits your team!) to raise money for the club. You can make it a dress-up theme or change running to cycling.

Social distance car wash first find an open, free, lot such as your local primary or secondary school to host the event. To manage restrictions and keep everyone safe, implicate a timetable for volunteers and cars. You can have a small group on each car and ask that wearing masks is mandatory. 

Fundraising online by hosting a virtual event. A great way to get all the team and staff together in one place. With a little bit of prep, you can host a bingo, raffle or quiz night. For example, you can send out bingo cards before the event either by email.

Get crafty you may find some members, or their parents, have secret talents. In your next newsletter check if anyone is crafty and willing to make a bundle of masks, hats, bracelets and donate part of the cost to your club. You might find more than one offer comes back! 

Raise as you shop online or instore, that’s us! Fantastic Fanatics aim is to help sports clubs through everyday shopping online and instore. Your clubs’ members, parents, staff and any supporter, register as a Fan and chooses your club as who they wish to support. Then next time they shop instore with one of our retail partners or online via fantasticfanatics.com part of their spend is donated to your club! 

Learn more: fantasticfanatics.com/how-it-works/

Know your audience what has worked in the past will work now. Taking note on who previously took part in certain fundraising events suggests they will do so next time around. Use this to your strengths when thinking about what last got you to your fundraising goal. 

Share success! We can’t stress this enough. Create a social media post, email, add into your latest newsletter about how much was raised and how much your club appreciates it. Keep on top of how close you are to clubs next goal and share it around social media, emails and your newsletters. Letting your fundraising army know how close they are to clubs goal will drive people to achieve it!

If you would like any tips on how to fundraise, email us at performance@fantasticfanatics.com